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The Isles of Wa

Storm thoughts connected by time.

31 May 1974
I have a curious creative compulsion. It is kind of like a disease. Creating works of self expression seems to be the cure. These self discoveries are often formed in a variety of art forms, many of whose paths have led to a slew of incredible learning opportunities over the years. Listed below are just a few:

- gothic/electronic original music group Dead Poets Society

- owner of Carpe Diem Publishing

- staff writer of Lollipop Magazine

I am also a practicing writer, editor, filmmaker, musician, drum instructor and python programmer.

akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, art, assemblage 23, authors, battlestar galactica, bella morte, bill maher, biographies, black adder, buzz out loud, chuck palahniuk, cirque du soleil, commentary, composing, composing music, concerts, covenant, creative thinking, creativity, cube, dance, darkwave, david bowie, david fincher, dead like me, dead poets society, depeche mode, dragonlance, drums, edgar allan poe, electronica, extra life radio, extralife radio, fiction, film noir, filmmaking, firefly, firefox, george r.r. martin, goth, goth culture, goth girls, goth people, gothic, hidden sanctuary, history, history books, ideas, james clavell, keyboards, kmfdm, leo laporte, lollipop magazine, lost, margaret weis, mathematics, mdfmk, metropolis records, michael connelly, michael crichton, ministry, movies, mp3s, music, mystery novels, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neil peart, nine inch nails, non-fiction, nonfiction, novels, ohgr, open minded people, paralysed age, pat cadigan, pathology, percussion, podcasts, popular science, projekt, promoting bands, promoting writers, python programming language, quantum leap, quiet afternoons, rammstein, raven nightshado, razed in black, reading, reading books, robin finck, rock, rome, rush, sandman, science, science fiction, scientific american, scott johnson, screenplays, seabound, short stories, sisters of mercy, six feet under, skinny puppy, skold, spectre vii, stories, synth, taverncast, technology, the cruxshadows, the cure, the dragonflies, the instance, the sopranos, the twilight zone, tom merritt, tracy hickman, twit, veronica belmont, wolfsheim, world of warcast, world of warcraft, writing, writing music, writing reviews, yello