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When Calculus Comes a Knocking...
Bono goggles
I think that the time to turn the corner has finally arrived.

For those who might be new to the party, my mother passed away just a few weeks before my Calculus Final. So, I requested and was granted an incomplete grade for the term. For those who haven't had any experience with an incomplete grade, it means that an instructor agrees that they will allow a student to finish the course at a later date without penalty. Usually the date is agreed upon at the time that the incomplete grade agreement is made. In my case, they left the date open. Theoretically I have up to a year to finish the work, but anyone who has had the pleasure of taking Calculus will tell you that if you are not actively using or practicing it, your skills can quickly become rusty.

I've tried to return my Calculus studies a few times the past couple of months but discovered that I was unable to keep my thoughts focused and my emotions collected.

I'm not sure what has changed, but  when I woke up this morning  I thought I could hear the call of the Calculus!  Might I be ready? Perhaps, finally, I can begin the reconciliation of my tumultuous relationship with the complex numbers!

*Knocks on wood*

I hope I haven't fooled myself.


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